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Dolly and the Hurricane (s)

Well, they keep saying here in Brownsville, that it’s the year that we’ll get hit.  This it was.  I however, was not around to experience Dolly’s fury.  I was in San Antonio at the convention.  Of course at night we were glued to the weather channels on TV, and when the phones in the Rio Grande Valley worked, we’d talk to friends back home and stay updated.  The convention attendees knew that we were from Brownsville, so they also were informed and prayed for the Valley and Mexico as well.  The first night they asked if we (our praise band, leading the worship times) had a name.  I told them that we did not, but they could call us “Dolly and the Hurricanes”.  It stuck.  Our drummer with his big, cool hair was even pegged as Dolly.  I don’t know if he liked that, but that’s what went down.  Here’s our only band picture (as we arrived saftely back home).

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