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The Wonderful World of Church Marquees

Here’s my newest countdown. Igniter Media has done one with this concept already. I had the idea, and went to see if it was done already. It was. However, I don’t think any of the sayings overlap, so it’s all good.

This video includes my favorite church marquee sayings. My wife, Emily, is in charge of our church sign. She’s got the tact to be able to pull off that job. I know the reputation church signs get is being too “witty” or too confrontational and such. Well, I chose ones that I thought were actually good and applicable to our lives, aiming to make us better.

There even a church sign generator out there in cyberspace, where you can make a church sign say anything you want. (This is not how I did this.) This is actually our church sign. The blurred background I did for effect, but also because there was this ugly post and power lines above the sign. I had to do away with that. I like the look, though, I draws attention to the subject at hand.

Enjoy these good, not too tacky or canned, church sign sayings. BTY- I’ve never seen one that said, “Come in for a heaven of a time.” That’s pretty original, but I don’t expect to be seeing that one around any time soon.

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